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71: Key Path Expressions as Functions

04 February 2019

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Sentry tells you about errors in your code before your customers have a chance to encounter them.

With Sentry, you’ll see exactly how many users have been impacted by a bug, the stack trace, the commit that the error was released as part of, the engineer who wrote the line of code that is currently busted, and a lot more.

Give it a try and let them know we sent you at https://www.sentry.io/for/swift


With Instabug, your users and beta testers now can submit thorough feedback from your app by just shaking the phone, they will be able to take a screenshot and send their feedback easily.

You will receive a t-shirt with their motto ‘I squash bugs for a living’ if you go to instabug.com/swift, signup, and integrate the SDK.

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